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Watertown Food Assistance Grant Program: Restaurant Partner Application

About this initiative
The Charles River Regional Chamber has received funding to support independent Watertown restaurants and provide food assistance to residents in need. The chamber will purchase prepared meals from independent restaurants to distribute to food pantries, senior & family programs, or other persons in need within the city. Fill out the form below if your restaurant is interested. We'll do our best to rotate evenly among as many restaurants as we can and will reach out soon to discuss full program details (including order timing, quantities, etc.) This application is just to capture interest. Any questions? Call Katherine Herer at 617-916-9064 or email
Program Time Frame
Partner Restaurant Overview/ Criteria
Restaurant partners will offer meals for a flat fee of $20 per meal (plus tax). Meal offerings will be approved via this application process. Our program coordinators will reach out directly to place orders and coordinate pickup/delivery. We hope to confirm orders one week in advance. The Chamber will issue payment (via check) directly to the restaurant partner upon completion of the order and receipt of payment request form/invoice.
Meal Offerings
Meals must include a protein and be well-balanced, have flavor profiles that appeal broadly to children, adults and seniors. The should be provided cold (with reheating instructions if intended to be eaten hot). All meals must be individually packaged and clearly labeled with an ingredient list.
Per the conditions of our funding, this program is limited to independent restaurants in the city of Watertown. Is your restaurant independently owned-operated and located in Watertown?
The Chamber will purchase meals at a flat fee of $20 per meal (plus tax). Please provide a brief description of a menu offering you’d be able to provide (remember: it should be well balanced with flavor profiles that appeal broadly -- but we also want this to be profitable for your establishment). Meals can be intended to be eaten cold or include reheating instructions.
What's the max number of meals you could accommodate in one order? (Typically orders are around 15 meals)
Pickup/ Delivery: Are you able to deliver? (One drop off location to a food pantry or other designated site within Watertown)
Thank you for your interest in becoming a restaurant partner for this program. We'll review your application and be in touch shortly with next steps.