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Newton, Needham, Watertown, Wellesley

Immigrant/Minority/LGBTQ/Woman/Veteran-Owned Businesses

As part of a continuing effort to support and promote a wide diversity of businesses within our communities, we’ve expanded the searchable categories in our public business directory to allow businesses to self-identify as immigrant-owned, minority-owned, LGTBQ-owned woman-owned and/or veteran-owned.
Enter your information below and select any which apply. Note that this self-certification is on the honor system and not a ‘verified’ listing. Members and nonmembers of the chamber are eligible to be included, however chamber members can fully customize their public business listing (with descriptions, logos, and more content) through our member portal and will appear first on any search.
Please help us grow this listing by sharing this form with other businesses owners.
Please select all that apply: