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An open letter to our guests, friends and neighbors

To our guests, friends and neighbors:
Welcome back!
These past 15 months have been challenging on so many levels, for us, for you, for everyone. 
We’ve spent this time starting new relationships and strengthening old bonds all via the handing off of to-go bags and socially distanced dining under tents on streets and in parking lots -- the entire time with smiles of gratitude hidden behind our masks. 
As we continue to inch closer to a daily routine that feels much more familiar, we find ourselves marveling at what an amazing moment we have a chance to be a part of.  Your neighborhood restaurants are finally able to fully welcome you back and start repaying the love and generosity you’ve shown us; we would not have made it through otherwise. 
As you step back into the world and return to restaurants, remember that our teams never left.  Through each round of new restrictions, they always showed up, ready to do what was necessary to help feed you and provide a bit of a distraction.
Each restaurant has had to decide the best way to re-open for them and their teams, odds are your three favorite spots have decided on three different approaches.  Be patient, be kind and be respectful of the decisions we continue to make going forward.  We’re not taking our next steps lightly and we are all making sure our teams, who have spent this period of history on the front lines, are comfortable with whatever decisions we are making.
Everything won’t go perfectly in the beginning.  As we try to hire more staff and train people up there will inevitably be moments where things go sideways.
In those moments we’ll apologize (we take these mistakes more personally than you can possibly imagine) and we’ll ask for your patience; trust us to get things back on track for you.  Slowly but surely we’re learning how to be busy, bustling spaces again, just as you’re rediscovering your ability to interact socially and dine out.
This is what we love to do and we’re as excited as you are to be getting back to it.  We’re here to nourish you, mind, body and soul.  Just sit back and let us do our thing.
See you soon!
Rob Favuzza, Anna's Taqueria
Stacy Madison and David Lowe, BeBOLD Bars
Christopher Osborn, Better Life Food
Tim and Nancy Cushman, Bianca
Ron Stoloff, Blue Ribbon BBQ
David Punch, Buttonwood, Jinny's Pizzeria, Little Big Diner, Sycamore
Joe Prestejohn, Cabot's Ice Cream
Geoff Moorhead, Cheesy Street Grill
Paul Turano, Cook Restaurants
Jon Schoeck, District 118 Kitchen & Bar
Megan Pesce, Dunkin' of Needham
Seana Gaherin, Dunn-Gaherin's Food & Spirits
Alex Iliades, Farm Grill
Chad and Sharon Burns, Farmstead Table
Remon Karian, Fiorella's
Jay Spencer, French Press Bakery & Café
Galit Grutman, Galit's Treats Café & Bakery
Gary Huang, Gari Japanese Fusion Bistro
Phil Emmanuel, Grape Leaf Newton
Ivan Millan Pulecio, Hearth Pizzeria
Alex and Inna Khitrik, Inna's Kitchen
Karen Masterson, Johnny's Luncheonette
David Becker, Juniper
Antonio De Trizio, Latina Kitchen + Bar
Artur Andronic, Moldova Restaurant
Desmond Rushe, Olivia's Bistro
Patrick, Karl and Barbara O'Hara, Paddy's and O'Hara's
Christopher Allen, Riverbend Bar and Grille
Marisa Locco and Francesco Iacovitti, Spiga Ristorante
Aleks Gionai, Stone L'Oven Pizza Co - Newton
Joelle Tomb, SUSHICO
David Becker, Sweet Basil
Hedy Jarras, Sweet Tomatoes Pizza
Anna Mountzuris, Tartufo Restaurant
Nikki DiGuilio, The Biltmore
David Sardella, The Bluebird Bar
Laura Wolfe, The Cottage & Wellesley Tavern
Stuart Henry, The James Pub and Provisions
Trevor and Kate Smith and Brendan Collins, Thistle & Leek
Doug Peel, Ward 4
The above restaurants are members of the Newton-Needham Dining Collaborative, an affiliate of the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber.

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